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Ad Clear

With our +Media AdClear package, you can track all leads that come through your SEO, PPC or any other advertising campaigns you are running. This will allow you to analyse the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, so you can make the right adjustments and allocate your resources more effectively.

Get an accurate cost per lead

Discover the actual cost of acquiring leads and identify exactly which marketing tactics are producing results for your business.

Enhance the customer experience with call routing

The +Media AdClear system is easily customisable, allowing you to route calls by time, day, location, or to your mobile. These features are all included in the package, meaning there’s no need to buy additional hardware.

Install a “click to call” button for extra convenience

With millions of people conducting mobile searches using their smartphones every day, the “click to call” feature is a huge convenience. Installing a “click to call” feature will give you an edge over your competitors, as your potential customers can contact you in the click of a button.

Have your calls recorded for best practise

Call recording enables you to replay the calls you answered, allowing your company to identify any shortcomings and improve their practices. Having your calls recorded also gives you the ability to have verbal contract agreements documented.

Capture "missed" call details and never lose a customer

Did you just miss a call for whatever reason? Don’t stress. +Media AdClear captures the callers’ details so you can call back and potentially gain a new customer.