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Gmail Ads

Billions of people all over the world use Gmail on a daily basis, making it an excellence place for businesses to find potential customers.

Gmail ads are expandable ads in the Promotions tab of your Gmail account. These ads are collapsed by default, however, with a click they will expand into full page ads that can include videos and images. Gmail Ads are an excellent way to get up close and personal with potential customers and help grow your business.

Reach your preferred audience through detailed targeting

With Gmail ads, you can target users based on demographics, location and the activity of their personal Gmail accounts, such as their email and browsing history. A popular method of targeting is keyword targeting, which allows advertisers to reach users with specific keywords in their inboxes. You also have the option of domain targeting, where you can direct your targeting to people who receive emails from specific websites.

Track your campaign’s success using valuable analytics

High open rates are obviously important for your ad’s success. However, it is still necessary to know what exactly users do after they open your Gmail ad. To assist with this, Google has a range of Gmail-specific campaign metrics that can be monitored, such as forwards, saves and clicks to website, which enable you to track the health of your campaign.

Attract customers in a cost-effective manner

Gmail ads are still relatively new to the game, therefore not many businesses are using this ad format, and competition is relatively small. This lack of competition makes your cost per click quite low compared to other forms of paid advertising.

Choose from a variety of ad formats

Google allows you to run variations of your ad so you can see which one performs best. Being able to determine which ad format is the most successful means you can reallocate your budget to the highest performing ad and run the most effective ad campaign possible. Variations include simple text and image ads, ad galleries, video ads and dynamic ads.